Water Damage

Whenever your house floods out due to a storm, busted pipes, or even a toilet becoming backed up your brain starts to race a million miles a minute. This is entirely understandable.

Water damage to your home can either be a hassle or a traumatic experience depending on the level of damage.

If water damage is discovered early on, the effect from water is going to be quite minimal. On the other hand, if water damage is not found early and is allowed to fester, the water damage can be pervasive.

What sort of harm can water cause?

Mold: Mold does not need very much moisture to start growing exponentially. Mold damage can commence in as little as 24-48 hours.

Black mold is especially harmful. Mold is something that cannot be taken lightly.

Damaged Drywall: There are pipes behind your drywall and if they burst this can cause it to sag and bulge. Water has to be eliminated within 48 hours because of the danger of mold.

Damaged Foundation: It takes water traveling at a minimum of 10 mph to cause damage to your foundation.

Use sandbags to keep the water from your premises during torrential rains.  Following a storm, if you realize that your doors or windows are not shutting correctly, this may be a sign of foundation damage.

In you notice new cracks on your walls this is may be a sign of foundation damage too.

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