Structural Drying

Removing the water from your home is only the first part of a restoration. As soon as the excess water is removed from your home, we immediately start structural drying.

Structural drying is a simple concept to understand. It’s the removal of moisture from items that make up the construction of a building. This includes things such as sub-floors, joists, drywall and dimensional lumber.

Removing water from such areas is essential to restoring your home back to its initial pre-loss condition.

We use psychometry, the science behind structural drying and utilize industry standard equipment to measure the moisture that is present in the wood.

Wood absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. We fully understand this principle and take this into consideration when drying your property.

Once a baseline has been established we will work towards getting moisture levels back to a normal range.

We also practice “In-place” drying. This means that carpeting, carpet padding, and other content in your home can be dried in place with hardly any disturbance.

In place drying gets you to come back in your home earlier, dramatically decreases the possibility of mold growth and can help you save money by preventing the need to replace your belongings or building materials.

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