Mold Clean Up

There are many elements to this mold cleanup process. First and foremost when we start a mold clean up job, we take the appropriate precautions before starting.

When the area with the mold has been located, we’ll seal off the work area with plastic sheeting to make sure that mold spores are not dispersed around unaffected areas of your property, further exacerbating the issue.

After the contaminated zone has been sealed off, we start safely removing the mold from your dwelling by creating a “negative atmosphere” in the contaminated area.  We push clean air into the contaminated region and push the moldy air beyond your property with blowers and fans.

The next step is the actual removal of mold from the premises.  The best way to permanently eliminate mold from your home is to remove the porous material that has been infested.

This includes drywall, carpet, carpet padding and even furniture. We put the infected materials in double lined plastic bags to ensure there isn’t any cross-contamination with different areas of your property.

Nonporous surfaces can be washed with antimicrobial cleaning agents and encapsulated to avoid mold damage in the future.

When the mold has been taken away from the premises, and the conditions that generated the mold colonies are cared for, we will replace and install any drywall, carpet and carpet padding that was removed during the mold clean up.

We do not cut corners and follow mold removal procedures created by the IICRC.

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