Water Damage Clean Up

The water damage cleanup process is a multi-step process that starts with quickly eliminating the water once it has been discovered.

Step 1: Find The Source: This is the first stage in the water damage cleanup process. This can be done by you in the event you know where the origin of the leak is.

If you’re having a hard time figuring out the issue,  call us and we can help you detect the source of the water damage.  We’ll conduct a thorough review to identify the exact origin of the leak.

Step 2: Extract The Water:  After the initial assessment we’ll promptly remove the water to prevent additional damage to drywall, flooring or carpeting.

We use high powered water extraction systems to remove the water from the affected areas.

Step 3: Dry and Dehumidify The  Area: Once the water is removed from the impacted area we will assess the area for residual moisture and commence drying out the region with strategically placed industrial fans to get the air circulating.

We also use dehumidifiers to eliminate the moisture in the air. This will prevent mold from growing.

Step 4: Restore Property: This is the final step in the water damage clean up procedure. Our water elimination pros will inspect the affected area to ensure that the water has been thoroughly removed.

We can repair and replace most items in your home and make general repairs as well.

The result after our four-step process is a property that’s free of water damage.

Find out more about our water damage clean up service or schedule your appointment with us by calling 210-941-2053