Flood Clean Up

Living in the San Antonio is perfect for many reasons. We have the most fantastic weather,  abundant outdoor activities along with a wealth of entertainment options.

This does not mean that we live without risk. San Antonio gets around 32 inches of rain each year, so the chance of flooding is real and must be taken seriously.

Besides mother nature, you also have to worry about man-made problems like washing machines overflowing, toilets backing up and or a pipe bursting.

Would you know what to do if you found yourself in this situation? Here are three tips which you could use to help mitigate the damage.

  • Find the primary water source and know how to turn it off
  • Turn off power to your home
  • Contact Flood Water Damage San Antonio immediately

It is critical that you call us as soon as you can because flooding damage can lead to a substantial amount of damage to your property very quickly.  Mold can begin growing about 24-48 hours after a flood event.

Mold and dampness will damage the structural integrity of your house if left untreated. Flood damaged insulation, framing, and load bearing joists can make your property uninhabitable and attract termites!

One call to Flood Water Damage San Antonio and the flood water on your property will be removed immediately and professionally.

After the excess water has been eliminated, we will check the moisture content of your property and strategically place drying fans and dehumidifiers around your property to air it out.

Do not let your property become the casualty of flooding. Call Flood Water Damage San Antonio for your flood cleanup needs.

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